Obstetrics Services in New Jersey

Obstetrics Services in Essex County

The Women First Health Care, an Axia Women’s Health Care Center team of obstetricians is expertly trained in the management of preconception, pregnancy, labor, and post partum. We proudly care for women in West Orange, New Jersey in need of healthcare and reproductive services and midwifery. In addition, we deliver at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ.

Preconception Counseling in West Orange

Our obstetrics services begin with preconception counseling. This encompasses checkups for both partners who wish to begin trying to conceive. Preconception counseling ensures that both partners are in optimal health to make a baby and carry it to term. It also gives you time to get healthy and prepare for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care in Essex County

After conceiving, you will see an expert obstetrician at Women First Health Center, an Axia Women’s Health Care Center to have your pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound. Your obstetrician will provide you with a regimen of prenatal vitamins, one of the most important tools in getting your baby the proper nutrition.

It will also be important to go to your regularly scheduled check ups with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy. During these checkups, both the mother and the fetus’ heartbeat will be monitored and ultrasounds will be utilized to check the progress and development of the baby. This allows for any risks to be identified, to ensure that the mother has a safe pregnancy and delivery. Your obstetrician will also help you to develop a birth plan, so that you have a safe plan with your exact wishes for the delivery day.

New Born Labor Care in New Jersey

Finally, on the day of delivery, your doctor from Women First Health Center, an Axia Women’s Health Care Center will be by your side in a heartbeat to deliver your bundle of joy. Your doctor will follow your birth plan safely to ensure that all of your wishes are met and that the baby is born healthy and safe.

Postpartum Care in New Jersey

Our care doesn’t stop at delivery. You will also come by our West Orange office for checkups following delivery to ensure you are healing correctly. While all of your attention will be on the new addition to your family, it is vital that the mother is examined to ensure she is healthy and healing.

The thorough care provided by Women First Health Center, an Axia Women’s Health Care Center’s obstetricians is unmatched by any other practice in the area. We love caring for our patients throughout their reproductive years and beyond as they live healthy lives with their families. Call us today at 1 (973) 669-5711 or contact us online to make an appointment at our West Orange office. We look forward to guiding you throughout your pregnancy!


  • My Husband and I absolutely love The practice and all the doctors. From our first appointment when we found out we were having twins to the delivery and finally to our after care. Everyone in the practice was so kind and trustworthy that it made the whole experience that much better. Dr. Sansobrino made me feel less nervous and more confident throughout the entire process!!!

    Nicole Poulsen
  • I’m a worried individual by nature. When I became pregnant every little thing bothered me. All of the Doctors made me feel comfortable. Dr Sansobrino in particular, knew about my anxiety and he never made me feel embarrassed or silly for my questions. I had an amazing pregnancy experience thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff at Women’s First . My daughter was delivered by Dr. Youngren. She talked me through the process and eased my fears. I would and I do, highly recommend WFH to all my f…

    Jenna Sier

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