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Summer Sun Protection

It’s that time of year again –school is out, the sun is hot, and the beach sounds better every day!

Sun protection is essential during the hot summer days. We have provided a list of tips to keep you safe from the brutal sun rays.

• Coat yourself before you put on your clothes- by doing so, you will be sure not to miss a spot. If you coat yourself prior to getting clothed, it is a lot harder to miss spots since you are not “working around” your clothing.

• Do not wait until you are outside – it takes about 20 minutes for the sun screen to settle, if you wait until you’re outside you might as well forget about wearing sunscreen for the first half hour.

• Do not simply rely on your makeup – it may seem like a good idea since (just about) every bottle of makeup has the letters “SPF” written in big letters, but you would have to apply about 10 times the amount of make up to equal to one layer of sunscreen.

• Keep it fresh – let’s face it, we all have that bottle of sunscreen from last year that we are so tempted to use until its empty, but truth is sunscreen has active ingredients that can lose their potency. Always check expiration dates.

• Don’t skip anything – people often forget to protect their heads and end up with sunburn on their scalp (ouch!). You can prevent this buy spritzing your scalp and hairline with the spray containers of sun screen, or even wearing a hat.

• Reapply – try to reapply your sun screen every two hours, or more if you are sweating.

• Wear sunglasses that have UV protections – it’s not only the skin you are trying to protect!

If you’re a parent, protect your child’s skin and practice these habits together. With a few simple precautions, you can enjoy a beach excursion without risking your skin’s health.

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