What to Expect in the First Trimester

First Trimester Expectations

After a positive pregnancy test, a mother experiences many changes to her body and baby on a daily basis throughout the 40-week course of pregnancy. You probably won’t look pregnant during the first trimester because the fetus is still very tiny. The first trimester of pregnancy is a 14-week cycle that begins immediately following your last period, but can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. This is because the uterus will not grow that much in size during these first three months – leading many to be entirely unaware they’re actually pregnant. When a pregnancy test shows positive results, or you believe you may be pregnant, consulting the prenatal care specialists at Women First will accurately assess how far along your pregnancy is.

Noticeable Signs of the First Trimester

The first trimester produces some of the most significant initial changes to the mother’s body during pregnancy, no matter how small of scale. You may not experience a lot of physical differences just yet, however a lot is happening inside. The following list will provide some of the symptoms and signs experienced during the first few months of pregnancy.

  • The uterus will gradually grow to support the growth of the placenta and the fetus.
  • Your heart rate will increase as blood supplies go up to support the baby.
  • Hormone levels will change dramatically which can result in fatigue and mood swings.
  • You may experience reoccurring headaches and constipation.
  • Morning sickness may also occur, which contrary to the name can come at any time of day or last all day.
First Trimester Advice

Throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, it’s important to make smart lifestyle choices. The first word of advice is to maintain healthy eating habits. The nutrients entering your body are especially important, as the fetus develops almost all of its organs by the end of the first trimester. The absorption of nutrients and folic acid must be sufficient enough to support the child, which will be one of the elements in the prenatal vitamins your doctor will prescribe during your visit. This is also the time to quit any bad habits such as smoking and drinking, because both can have devastating effects to your baby.

Unfortunately, this is the time when miscarriages commonly occur as well. It’s best to not spread the news of your pregnancy until after the 13th week. Once the pregnancy is past the 13th week, the chances of a miscarriage decrease significantly.

First Trimester Tests and Examinations

During the first trimester, you’ll be making frequent visits to your prenatal health center.  Your OB/GYN will take this time to review your medical history and perform thorough physical examinations that include Pap smear tests, urinalysis and blood work. These tests help determine your blood type, Rh status, blood counts and immunization status. You’ll also receive your first ultrasound during the first trimester to see the baby’s heartbeat, health status and to determine the due date.

Comprehensive Obstetrical Care in New Jersey

Pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone involved, but you’ll want to make sure your baby develops healthy from conception to birth. To guide you along the path of pregnancy, consider the help of Women First Health Center. Our prenatal services are available through our West Orange location so we can provide you the extensive care you need for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Make your appointment and confirm your pregnancy with the top obstetrical care in New Jersey by contacting us at 973-669-5711.

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