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Prenatal Care In NJ

At Women First Health Center, we are committed to ensuring our patients are healthy prior to getting pregnant and throughout their pregnancy. This commitment to patient health is apparent in our superior prenatal care services. Prenatal care is a vital step in achieving a healthy pregnancy. In fact, prenatal care is the most important indicator of how healthy your newborn will be. If you are in need of prenatal care in NJ, contact Women First Health Center to confirm your pregnancy and begin receiving obstetric services in West Orange to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is preventive healthcare that takes place during a woman’s pregnancy. Prenatal care helps your obstetrician to prevent and identify potential health problems. These regular visits throughout pregnancy allow doctors to treat any problems as they occur and take precautionary steps for the day of the delivery. There are a few different components of prenatal care that help to ensure a healthy pregnancy:

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are extremely important to a developing fetus. The obstetricians at Women First Health Center will provide each expecting mother with prenatal vitamins as a part of their prenatal care plan. Prenatal vitamins contain high levels of folic acid, which, reduce the risk for neural tube defects by a whopping 70%. Taking prenatal vitamins as prescribed is an important action an expectant mother can take in fostering development during the pregnancy.

Regular Obstetric Services

Prenatal care is excellent for ensuring expectant mothers are educated on exactly which appointments need to be made throughout the pregnancy. This will include ultrasound scans, obstetrician checkups on fetal development, ultrasound scans, and more. Attending all first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester appointments will help your obstetrician in NJ stay on top of the fetus’ development and health – as well as your health – throughout the pregnancy.

Healthy Habits During Pregnancy

Prenatal care with an obstetrician helps expectant mothers and their partners understand the importance of maintaining a stress-free and healthy pregnancy. Your obstetrician will guide you and your partner throughout this journey and answer any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. Having a skilled professional available to address all of your concerns is an extremely important aspect to remaining stress-free! Healthy eating, exercise, and a good night’s sleep are important for a healthy prenatal course for all women.

Preexisting Health Conditions

Prenatal care is also important for expectant mothers with preexisting conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, older age during pregnancy, etc.  to prevent more serious complications during pregnancy. Pregnancy can also cause new health conditions to develop during the pregnancy, which will need to be addressed with some level of medical intervention.

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If you are expecting, call Women First Health Center at 973-669-5711 to make your first prenatal care appointment in West Orange today. Thinking of getting pregnant soon? Schedule a preconception appointment to learn exactly how you can prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Contact us with any questions you may have about prenatal care and one of our obstetricians will be happy to get back to you.

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