Birth Control Alternatives to Contraception

Safe Birth Control Alternatives

There are many birth control alternatives that are easy and safe to use. Before selecting just any method, you must closely analyze and compare the different options to find a solution that best suits your lifestyle. Below is a list of birth control methods currently available for use.

Birth Control Implant

A birth control implant is a tiny rod that’s implanted under the skin of the upper arm. The implant releases the hormone progestin to prevent pregnancy by restricting sperm travel through the cervix and eggs from leaving the ovaries. This form of birth control lasts up to 4 years and is 99% effective.

Birth Control Patch

Birth control patches can be implemented on the skin of either upper or lower extremities. Similar to the implant, the patch releases progestin hormones to prevent pregnancy. The hormones are absorbed through your skin and has an effectiveness rate of 91%.

Birth Control Pill

This birth control method is medically prescribed and comes in a pill form. When the pill dissolves in the body it releases hormones that halt ovulation, preventing sperm from coming in contact with an egg. This method has a 91% effectiveness rate.

Birth Control Shot

Every three months a patient will receive a birth control shot from their physician. Again, progestin is inserted into the body to prevent ovulation. This hormonal injection is 94% effective and is a safe contraceptive option.

Birth Control Sponge

A contraceptive sponge is inserted into the vagina before sex as a means to prevent pregnancy. This small, soft sponge blocks entrance to the cervix and is coated with spermicide so sperm can’t reach an egg. Birth control sponges have an effectiveness rate of 76-88%.

Birth Control Vaginal Ring

This birth control ring is inserted into the vagina and hormones are absorbed by the vaginal lining. Progestin is released in intervals to prevent ovulation and pregnancy altogether. The ring has 91% effectiveness.

Cervical Cap

This soft silicone cap covers the cervix to prevent pregnancy. Once the cap is inserted into the vagina, a patient can experience an effectiveness rate of 71-86% when coated in spermicide.


Condoms are thin sleeves that are stretched over the penis before sex. Condoms prevent semen from entering the vagina, further preventing pregnancy and STDs as a whole. This form of birth control comes in latex or lambskin and is 85% effective.


A diaphragm is a shallow cup that can be bent in half and inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix. This saucer prevents sperm from reaching the egg and is 88% effective.

Female Condom

Similar to regular condoms, a female condom, also known as an internal condom, is inserted into the vagina for the same purpose. Sperm is blocked from entering the cervix by this artificial barrier and is 79% effective.


IUD stands for Intrauterine Device and is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. This small T-shaped piece of flexible plastic can be coated in copper depending on the type of IUD and can have hormonal assistance for improved birth control. An IUD is 99% effective various options are available.

Outercourse and Abstinence

The most effective ways of preventing pregnancy is abstinence and non-vaginal intercourse. This method is effective 100% of the time so pregnancy cannot take place at all.


Spermicide is a contraceptive chemical that can be inserted into the vagina before sex. The substance reduces the lively movement of the sperm so it cannot enter the cervix and later fertilize an egg at a 71% effectiveness rate.

Sterilization (Tubal Ligation)

This surgical procedure permanently closes the fallopian tubes. This birth control method is commonly known as “tying your tubes.” With the fallopian tubes closed off, sperm cannot naturally reach any eggs. Sterilization is 99% effective but doesn’t protect you from STDs.


The reverse of female sterilization, a male vasectomy blocks the tubes in the testicles that carry sperm for ejaculation. This birth control method is also 99% effective and prevents sperm from entering the vaginal cavity, and cervix, altogether.

Birth Control Alternatives in New Jersey

There are many birth control alternatives available at Women First Health Center for patients to consider. Their utilization can effectively prevent pregnancy until the time is right to have a child. To learn more about Women First Health Center, take a look at our services and blog for additional information.

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