Adolescent Gynecology

Adolescent Gynecology

Gynecology Services for Adolescents in Essex County

Did you know that it is beneficial for all female adolescents to see a gynecologist? Not every gynecologist appointment will need to include a pelvic exam, and for young women an early adolescent gynecology appointment can be an excellent method of guiding women throughout their reproductive journey. From a first period to menopause and every step in between – a gynecologist will help ensure the health of women everywhere. Young women, especially those who are sexually active, will highly benefit from an adolescent gynecology appointment.

Our highly trained doctors specialize in being sensitive with our adolescent patients to build trust. Your doctor will walk you through each part of your adolescent exam which normally includes a consultation, a medical assessment and a minimally invasive exam. If you’re not sexually active, most times a pelvic exam will not be required just yet.

Question About Menstruation

All women go through puberty at some point in their early adolescence. This period of time includes many changes to the body, many of which can be confusing for young women. When puberty begins, an adolescent gynecology appointment will be an excellent outlet for her to speak with a doctor about any questions she may have about these changes without feeling embarrassed or scared. Normal parts of puberty – from hair growth in new areas of the body to developing breasts and a first menstrual cycle – can all be addressed with your doctor.

There are certain problems that are normal for adolescent girls to experience when they begin menstruation, such as pain or excessive bleeding. It is still important to communicate these and other symptoms with a doctor so that the proper exams can be performed to rule out any serious problems.

Contraception for Adolescents

Contraception is a term that traditionally refers to pregnancy prevention. Some contraception options may be utilized for methods other than pregnancy prevention, such as to lessen menstrual cramps, manage irregular periods, or to even treat acne. Some contraception options protect against STDs and STIs, while others will only prevent pregnancy. Early intervention and contraception education with adolescents is key in keeping young women informed about their body and options should they decide contraception is the right path forward. It is also an important talk to have prior to a young woman deciding she wants to have sexual intercourse, so that she is educated on her pregnancy prevention options.

Pelvic Exam for Adolescents

If an adolescent is sexually active, a pelvic exam should be performed. This allows a gynecologist to gently examine the pelvic area and ensure everything is healthy. A pelvic exam may also be necessary if an adolescent is experiencing pelvic pain or discomfort. The doctors at Women First Health Center are sensitive and understanding throughout the examination and are always available to answer any questions about the exam that the patient may have.

Schedule an Adolescent Gynecology Exam

At Women’s First Health Center, we are committed to providing young ladies with a comfortable atmosphere and welcoming environment where they can receive optimal standards of care. Prepare yourself by learning about exactly what you can expect at your first gynecology visit. For your convenience, we offer downloadable forms that we encourage you to print and fill out at home to bring in with you for your first visit.

Contact our West Orange office at (973) 669-5711 with any further questions you may have or to schedule your adolescent gynecology appointment at Women’s First Health Center. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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