OBGYN Services In New Jersey

Women’s First Health Center welcomes all women in need of obstetrics and gynecology health care assistance in New Jersey. The physicians and staff at Women’s First Health Center specialize in a wide variety of in-office and hospital-based exams and procedures. We’re committed to providing patients of all ages with a comforting environment while receiving the highest quality of care available. Below you will find a complete list of our OB/GYN services in New Jersey available through our West Orange office location.

Adolescent Health

Women’s First Health Center offers adolescent and teen gynecology services to stand by our dedication to treating women of all ages. We extend healthcare assistance to promote the overall general health of our adolescent and teenage patients. Our highly trained doctors specialize in building a trusting relationship with young patients with sensitivity as a top priority. We’ll walk them through everything they need to know from the female anatomy, how it works, and how to care for their bodies.

Contraception and Family Planning

Contraception and family planning opportunities are available in our Essex County office location. WFHC provides extensive education and contraceptive methods to offer you a preventative measure that best suits your lifestyle preferences. In the event of a pregnancy, our staff is dedicated to helping you plan out your future with prenatal care. View your options with Women’s First Health Center so we can assist with all of your questions and concerns.

Pap Smear & STI’s

WFHC provides Pap smear tests to help monitor cellular changes in the female reproductive organs. The Pap smear screens for HPV and can help spot issues while the condition is easily treatable.

Breast Health

Clinical breast exams are also included as part of our extensive gynecology services in New Jersey. Your doctor will examine for signs of lumps or any present abnormalities and refer you for screening mammograms or biopsy tests if necessary to ensure your overall breast health.

Gynecological Problems

Women’s First Health Center offers specialized care for women living throughout New Jersey. Our staff is dedicated to providing optimal care and solutions to any gynecological problems. By promoting and consistently raising the standard of care, we want to ensure the highest quality of life. Our services include a wide range of exams, procedure, and advice to help you understand why gynecology is so important to your overall health.

Gynecological Surgery (Inpatient/Outpatient)

With the presence of a given gynecological problem, WFHC is prepared and equipped to conduct procedural measures to promote your overall well-being. Get an opinion from our board-certified OBGYN doctors when you’re considering – or may need – a hysterectomy or a surgical procedure to remove ovarian cysts or cancer.


Women’s First Health Center also specializes in obstetrics to assist women with every stage of a pregnancy. Whether you need counseling or advice regarding preconception to post-partum, WFHC is here to guide you step by step.


Going through menopause doesn’t have to be a stressfully overwhelming. Women can expect comprehensive support and care from the trusted physicians and staff at Women’s First Health Center. We’ll walk you through this transitional period so you can maintain a positive mindset.

Women’s Health Care Center Near You

Women’s First Health Center provides high quality obstetrics and gynecology in New Jersey. Our OB/GYN practice supports a global health care initiative and is dedicated in helping every woman who walks through our door. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or read our blog for more news about WFHC and OB/GYN health tips.


At Women’s First Health Center, we recognize that a young women’s first gynecological visit can be an intimidating experience. Consequently, our staff and highly trained physicians make it their utmost priority to ensure that all patients are comfortable from start to finish. From the initial exam, to educating patients on menstruation, protecting themselves from STI’s, and the various contraception methods available to them, your physician will go above and beyond to ensure that this transition is an easy one for you.


Your physician at Women’s First Health Center can provide you with information on a wide array of birth control methods in order to find the one that is most suitable for you and your lifestyle. When trying to conceive, your physician will walk you through the steps you should take, as well as be there to guide you through the entire pregnancy journey.


Even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms or are trying to conceive, a regular gynecological visit is important for your physician to make sure you’re healthy. Pap smear tests are performed to test for various STI’s as well was cervical cancer. If you’re sexually active, regular STI testing is a necessity to ensure optimal health, as well as prevent any infections from worsening or spreading.


At each of your gynecological visits, your physician will perform a breast exam by feeling for lumps and examining your breast for any unusual discoloration. We also recommend that you regularly perform a self-breast exam at home. Your physician will gladly teach you how to properly perform a self-breast exam. If you detect an unusual lump in your breast, do not panic, but we recommend that you schedule an appointment immediately for further evaluation.


Something as minor as itchiness or a red area can be a symptom of a much more serious problem, and it should not go ignored. For this reason, any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing should be reported your physician immediately. Our expert physicians have a wide array of experience in diagnosing and treating gynecological problems such as vaginitis, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), and endometriosis, among others. Regardless of your symptoms or diagnosis, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care.


There are certain procedures that our trained physicians will perform in-office including biopsies, colposcopy and hysteroscopy. Other more serious procedures such as laparoscopy and hysterectomy are performed as outpatient hospital procedures.


At Women First Health Center, an Axia Women’s Health Care Center,, our physicians are here to guide you through your entire pregnancy. From the conception process to prenatal care and delivery, we are here to ensure that you and your baby are in the best health possible. During your prenatal 9 months, a board certified midwife will perform various exams to ensure you’re at optimal health and address any issues that may arise or that you may be experiencing. We will ensure that you are completely prepared for childbirth and monitored postpartum. Having a baby should be one of the happiest times of your life, so our physicians will strive to make your journey as stress-free as possible.


For women in their 40’s-50’s, we provide perimenopausal and menopausal care. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as mood changes, weight gain, hot flashes and night sweats, our physicians will give you their recommendations on how to alleviate the symptoms. Often times, these symptoms can be lightened simply by making some lifestyle changes. If hormonal therapy is necessary, our physicians will educate you on all of your options.

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