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September is just around the corner… time to dust off the school books, set the alarm clocks, and schedule your annual exam!
Going to the gynecologist each year is a good way to stay on top of your overall health as a woman. Checking your weight, height, blood pressure, and performing a pelvic exam, a Pap smear (if indicated) and a breast check are common components that your provider will focus on during your exam. For some women, having their well-woman visit is a source of reassurance that they’re as healthy as they feel. Others see it as a way to catch health problems before they become serious.
Your well-woman visit is a chance to focus on your overall health and wellness. There are three main goals for the visit:

  1. Documenting your health history, habits and reviewing your family history: During the beginning of your visit, your provider will focus on your current and past health history and habits, along with a review of your family history. Risk factors will be identified by your answers to certain questions, which may include topics like your medical and obstetrical history, family health history, medication history, sexual health, mental health, eating habits, and physical activity.
  2. Providing a physical exam, ordering tests and other services: This generally includes a pelvic and breast exam, specific lab tests and cultures, and sometimes immunizations and injections, all in order to prevent diseases or catch them early, when they may be easier to treat.
  3. Helping you to set health goals: Finally, you and your provider have the opportunity to talk about the next steps for helping you to stay healthy. This may include diet and exercise, medications, bone health, safety and many more. Together, you will review and decide which screenings or follow-up services might be right for you.

Whatever your health goals may be, your Regional gynecologist is here to help you achieve them.

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