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STD Testing and Treatment in NJ

STD Testing and Treatment in Essex County

Women First Health Center proudly offers STD testing and treatment for all of our patients in the West Orange, New Jersey area. STD testing is the testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and infections (STI). It is important to note that an STD test is not a part of a regular gynecological exam, however your provider may recommend it if you have had any new sexual partners in the past year or feel you may have been exposed. You can also ask for a test if you wish to have one done for peace of mind.

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Burning During Urination in NJ

If you have a burning during urination, vaginal discharge, sores, or burning or itching, it is important to get tested for STDs. A test is also recommended for both you and your partner if you had sex without protection.

There is no single STD test that will test against every type of STD or STI. Your doctor will question you on your sexual history and methods of protection to determine which tests you should receive. It is important that you are completely honest with the doctors at Women First to ensure that the proper care is given. STDs left untreated can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening complications including organ failure, infertility, and brain damage. If left untreated, they are much more likely to be spread to more people during unprotected sex in the future.

STD tests vary depending on what is being tested. Some are only tested through a physical exam, while others require a blood sample, urine sample, or cell swab sample. If it is found that you have an STD, then proper care will be given. For STIs, a one-time medication will be prescribed. For other diseases, outbreaks can be controlled but the disease will remain. Your doctor will provide all of the information on your STD to ensure that you have all of the information necessary to live a healthy and safe life.

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Schedule an appointment at Women First Health Center today to have a gynecological exam done. Talk to your doctor about your options for STD testing or safe sex practices, and any questions you may have regarding your sexual health. The compassionate and discrete doctors at Women First Health Center put your health first, ensuring that you can have a safe and happy future.

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