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What to Expect in the Second Trimester

The second trimester comes in weeks 14 through 27. You will finally start to look pregnant. While you will feel pregnant, too, this is the time when you will probably be the most comfortable. Morning sickness, along with many early pregnancy symptoms like fatigue suddenly disappear, and you will feel more energetic. You’ll be getting big enough to buy maternity clothes, but not so big yet that you will feel uncomfortable sleeping or moving.

By the time the second trimester ends, your baby will be almost four times as big as it was at the end of the first trimester. This is a good time to start shopping for maternity wear. You’ll purchase the same size that you wear in non-maternity clothes.

You may experience some other symptoms that can be uncomfortable, like leg cramping, swelling in your ankles and feet, sensitive gums or heartburn. You may also feel dizzy. This is caused by lower blood pressure due in part to all the extra blood your body is pumping. Make sure you take it easy, and take breaks when you need to. You will also likely feel achiness in the lower abdomen as the ligaments that support your belly stretch to support your belly’s increasing size.

One of the more exciting things about the second trimester is that you will begin to feel your baby’s movement. This will usually start as feeling like a flutter, but will increase to kicks as your baby begins to grow.

Among the less pleasant symptoms are varicose veins and/or hemorrhoids (a type of varicose vein) — which will most likely shrink or go away after pregnancy, especially if you didn’t have them before you conceived.

Mentally, you may feel apprehensive, irritable, or forgetful. Remember, your body is changing almost daily to accommodate its temporary resident, so give yourself a break.

You will find that your appetite is increasing right now, since you’ll probably feel like eating again once the morning sickness subsides. Even though you are “eating for two,” you should only consume about 300 extra calories per day of healthy foods. You’ll probably gain about a pound a week during this trimester.

There will be regular monitoring at each of your monthly check-ups during this trimester.  Your doctor will check your weight, the size of your uterus, height of your fundus (top of your uterus) and the baby’s heartbeat to ensure that all is going according to schedule.

At this point, you may have a level two ultrasound. During this process, your doctor will measure the baby, check developing organs, and determine the amount of amniotic fluid. This is the point at which you can find out your baby’s gender, if you desire.

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