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Dear Patients,

Starting October 1, 2015, the way in which your medical care is billed will undergo a major change. Currently, physicians and other practitioners in the United States assign diagnosis codes (called ICD-9 codes) to all visits, lab orders, and imaging prescriptions which are provided to patients. The current system (ICD-9 coding system) will be replaced by a new system (ICD-10 coding system) onOctober 1, and contains a significantly greater number of detailed diagnoses for providers to assign. As a result, we expect this transition to have a tremendous impact on all facilities, physicians and patients in the healthcare system. As a patient, you may experience delays at laboratories, imaging facilities, or physicians’ offices as these providers adapt to a significantly more comprehensive system for assigning diagnoses specific to your care.

The following are key points to help you minimize the impact of this change:

Key Points to help minimize inconvenience:

    • – Get your bloodwork or imaging studies done within the timeframe your provider has advised you to do so. In order to help minimize delays at imaging centers or lab patient service centers, please follow your doctors’recommendations for obtaining blood work or imaging studies in a timely manner. Unless your physician specifically instructed you to wait until afterOctober 1, please schedule your imaging scan or find the closest lab patient service center to have your bloodwork drawn prior toOctober 1. Getting your imaging and lab work plays a big role in identifying what steps you should take to protect your health and enhance your well-being.
    • – Be patient.Change is sometimes confusing; please understand that your providers and insurance companies are learning and adapting to a new coding process.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this transition time.

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