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Created in August 2011, four friends, Dr. Sarah Timmpauri (CEO), Dr. Ernani Sadural (COO), Dr. Raghu Thunga (CMO), and Surya Kuchimanchi (CIO) came together to form the LIG Global Foundation. This non-profit organization aims to provide a global community in which everyone will have access to up-to-date surgical equipment and excellent health-care. With the dedicated commitment of its founding members and its hundreds of volunteers, LIG has orchestrated a number of charitable projects around the world in nine countries: Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Philippines, Grenada, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Peru. LIG has also partnered with other charitable organizations, local community organizations, medical schools, residency programs and public charitable clinics.

LIG Provides OB/GYN Care

Over the years, the LIG has collected over $2 million dollars worth of donated medications, equipment and supplies and has distributed these donations throughout its projects. Among its many contributions around the world, the LIG has focused on providing OB/GYN services to other countries. The organization has partnered with St. Paul’s University Hospital in the city of Iloilo in the Philippines, and participates in the teaching of its OB/GYN residents through visiting professorships. The LIG has also trained local community workers and nurses in India in the visual inspection of the cervix using acetic acid (VIA), which is a cost-effective alternative to PAP smears in rural areas where there are no available laboratory facilities.

Dr. Claudine Sylvester, MD, FACOG and Dr. Vivian Lo, MD, FACOG, senior physicians at WFHC, are both members of the LIG Global Foundation. Every year they take trips around the world to the Philippines, Peru and various other countries with the LIG to provide health care services to the underserved women in those areas.  Dr. Sylvester became involved in the LIG from the time the organization began. Dr. Lo also actively contributes to the LIG and other mission trips, as her passion is providing medical services to all those in need.

The Purpose of the LIG Global Foundation

The purpose of the LIG is to provide quality medical care and serve as a hub for donations to people with unmet needs. The organization is not only dedicated to bringing in medical volunteers, but also non-medical volunteers to underprivileged populations throughout the world. Other volunteers can help too by donating sheets, clothing, slippers and more. If you would like to learn more or be a part of the LIG Global Foundation, call us at (973) 669-5711 today! Join us and be a part of something bigger.

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